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Motorcycle and motorcycle parts are what we are – about. Even if it is just one motorcycle part, we will be more than happy to help you out. We sell more motorcycle engines and motorcycle frames than anything else. I just wanted to mention that so you might keep it in mind and possibly mention it to a friend the next time one of them is looking for one of those two items. The frames usually come with salvage titles but at times we can also supply you with one that has a clean title. As for engines, we can sell you one bare which is without any electrics or carburetors. Or, if you are needing what we call a “complete car kit”, it will come with everything that it takes to make it run. That type is used in the popular mini sprint cars or possibly to power some invention that you might need a power plant for.

Northend Cycle takes in 250-300 bikes a year, plus new and late model insurance totals. We have a large one acre indoor salvage yard and have over 1,000 frames in stock at any given time. PLUS, we carry an inventory of late model parts.But please don’t think that is all we sell. We can find you just about any type part there is for a Motorcycle or ATV. Please click on the link on the right side of this page and fill out the parts request form and we will start looking for your needs immediately.
We are located at 5560 Hwy105 in Beaumont, Texas. If you are looking on a map, Beaumont is in the southeast part of Texas directly in the path of Interstate Highway #10, Thirty miles to the east is the great state of Louisiana and one hundred miles to the west is the big city Houston. We are located in an area called “The Golden Triangle”, only ten miles from a place called Spindle Top, where the Lucas Gusher blew in on the 10th of January, back in 1901. This event helped guarantee that the United States would lead the rest of the world going into the Energy Age.

The biggest supplier of our motorcycle salvage is the Insurance Industry. By that I am referring to the larger companies that cover the Recreational Vehicles Industry for all the 50 states. They insure from the smallest to the largest Motorcycles, ATVs and all types of Watercraft. In the 30 years that we have been in business, we have picked up for just about all of the bigger companies.
We send our drivers up to 1,000 miles in every direction, or wherever may be necessary to recover Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Polaris machines. Wrecked, burnt, water damaged and stolen recovered vehicles are picked up on a regular basis. Hardly a day goes by that the phone doesn’t ring and on the other end is a special lines adjuster, asking for a salvage bid on a late model street bike that has recently been in some type of accident and has been declared a total loss.

One of the better companies we have had the honor of working with is Markel American Insurance located in the great state of Wisconsin. Markel insures all types of recreational vehicles. Motorcycles are insured through one of their companies called “BIKELINE”. Keep that in mind the next time you are looking for some insurance on your bike. You won’t find a better company to work with anywhere!

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