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We pay more $$$ than the
Insurance Company!

If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, don't make it worse by letting your insurance company total your bike and give you a fraction of what it is worth. Call us! We pay TOP DOLLAR for wrecked motorcycles. What started out as a losing situation can be turned around into a positive situation for you...


When someone is in an accident, there is always a cost. It may end up costing them a few hundred dollars or it might run into the thousands but being in an accident has never been much of a positive situation. That is the way it was in the past, but not anymore!

What would you say if I told you that someone could actually have an accident and come out a winner? Let's face it; no one wants to have an accident. But if one should happen, you need to know what your options are. If you handle certain things the right way, you can actually turn a negative situation into one that makes you profit. Now when is the last time you heard about someone getting in a wreck, totalling out their motorcycle and coming out on top?

If you ever have an accident and your insurance company decides that your bike is a total loss, call us. Do not agree to let your bike be taken to the salvage yard where it willbe sold at auction. That is when the insurance adjuster tells you that he is going to allow you some meager amount for your wrecked bike and then goes on to explain how the deductible was a certain amount and once everything is all figured, you will end up with nothing to drive. On top of that you will owe so much to be paid out in installments for the next ten years! Don't let this happen to you.

Sell your wrecked bike to us instead of the insurance company. We pay TOP DOLLAR for wrecked motorcycles. We will pay you much more than the insurance companies will ever offer you. After an accident, the insurance adjuster must offer the owner the first option to buy his or her wrecked bike back before sending it off to the salvage yard. During the adjusting phase of an insurance claim the adjuster must establish the vehicle's ACV. ACV stands for "actual cash value" which is the amount the vehicle was worth prior to the accident. Once the ACV is established, the adjuster will subtract any deductible amount and the balance goes to the owner of lien holder if the vehicle was financed. Each insurance company sets their own guidelines as to what their salvage is worth. If the owner decides to buy the bike back, they normally pay around 25% of the ACV.

Now let me tell you how we can help you turn an unfortunate accident into a positive money making situation where you can be the winner instead of the loser.

Example: Let's say you own a 2008 Honda VTX1800. The ACV amount of this bike would be around $12,000.00. Using that amount, the salvage value would come to $3,000.00 ($12,000 x 25% = $3,000).

Using this example you could purchase your bike back for around $3,000.00. Anything that we can offer you over $3,000.00 is a profit for you!

We at Northend Cycle have been buying wrecked and salvage motorcycles for over 30 years. We buy bikes daily from all over the United States. Your bike can be one of these. It only takes a few minutes to find out if we can offer you more than the insurance company. Call us today at